In the world of precision welding, the tools you choose can make or break the efficiency of your operations. One such vital tool is the welding head, and few can match the versatility and efficiency of the Model 9 series of AMI orbital welding heads. Designed for fusion (TIG) welding of tubes, pipes, fittings, or other cylindrical components, these weld heads cater to a vast range of applications across numerous industries.

Key Features of the AMI Model 9 Weld Head

From accommodating various diameters to integrating a two-sided clamping mechanism, the Model 9 series is packed with features designed to enhance your welding process. The Model 9 series can handle diameters from 3/32” (2,3 mm) to 7.5” (190,5 mm) OD, and wall thicknesses from 0.01” (0,25 mm) to 0.16” (4 mm). This wide range makes them suitable for a diverse range of projects.

These weld heads come with easily replaceable, size-specific clamps to accommodate different tube sizes, enhancing the versatility of your operations. The standard Model 9 incorporates a two-sided clamping mechanism. This design holds the tube clamp inserts so the workpiece can be welded in line eliminating the need for tack welding.

Flip-Up Viewing Window

Several models in the series incorporate a flip-up viewing window, enabling easy verification of fit-up and ensuring proper alignment for precise welding.

Built-In Water Cooling

Most Model 9 weld heads feature a water cooling system for both the cables and internal weld head components. This feature allows for increased duty-cycles, ensuring uninterrupted performance even during long welding sessions.

Variations of the Model 9 Series

The Model 9 series isn't a one-size-fits-all solution; it includes variants like the -E and -ER series, each offering its own unique advantages.

Standard Model 9 Weld Head

The standard Model 9 weld head comes packed with all the essential features, offering reliable performance for a wide range of applications.

The -E and -ER Series

The main difference between the AMI 9E and 9ER series is that the 9ER series is equipped with a remote control system. This feature allows the operator to adjust the welding parameters from a remote location, enhancing flexibility and ease of use.

Comparing AMI 9 250, AMI 9-500, AMI 9-500 C, AMI 9E, and AMI 9CT Weld Heads

Each weld head in this series offers unique features, designed to cater to specific needs. From the AMI 9 250 Weld Head's compact design to the AMI 9-500 C Weld Head's cutting-edge technology, there's a model for every welding requirement.

Enhancing Efficiency with High Quality 

Accessories like extension cables, remote pendants, bench mount brackets, and tungsten extenders can greatly enhance your welding experience with the Model 9 series. Whether you need to extend your operational range, facilitate remote control, or ensure safe and convenient storage, these accessories have got you covered.

Renting or Buying the Model 9 Weld Head

Depending on your business needs, you may find that either renting or buying a Model 9 weld head is the right decision.

Advantages of Renting and Buying

Whether you need a weld head for a short-term project or for long-term use, we provide flexible options to cater to your needs. Renting can be an excellent choice for one-off projects or to test the equipment before making a long-term investment. On the other hand, buying a weld head can be a wise investment if you regularly undertake welding projects.

With its remarkable versatility and feature-rich design, the Model 9 series of AMI orbital welding heads is a game-changer in the world of precision welding. Whether you're in the aerospace, pharmaceutical, or food and beverage industry, these welding heads are ready to revolutionize your welding processes.

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