Preventative Maintenance for Orbital Weld Head


There is never a good time for equipment failure. Knowing the right preventative maintenance techniques can help you avoid untimely malfunctions that cause downtime.

Morgan Industrial Technology has created this simple cleaning procedure to keep your orbital welding equipment operating smoothly.

Orbital Weld Head Maintenance

To ensure the proper care and maintenance of your orbital welding equipment, MIT recommends that orbital weld heads are cleaned with the following procedure twice a day.

Cleaning the Weld Head Rotor

  • Rotate the rotor either clockwise or counterclockwise (you can do this in quarters).
  • Spray denatured alcohol on a dry terry cloth.
    • NOTE: Do NOT spray alcohol directly into the weld head.
  • Once rotated, wipe down the rotor to remove all carbon dust/build-up with denatured alcohol.
  • Do this until the entire rotor is clean and free of carbon dust/build-up.

Cleaning the Weld Head

  • Turn the power source off to ensure safety (this step can be done after cleaning the rotor).
  • Spray denatured alcohol on a dry terry cloth.
    • NOTE: Do NOT spray alcohol directly into the weld head.
  • Wipe out the inside of the weld head where carbon build-up has occurred.
  • Remove collets used during welding and wipe down with cloth/alcohol.
  • Continue to wipe down inside until all carbon dust has been removed.

Power Supply Maintenance

Power supplies can be wiped down externally for dirt or grime. MIT also recommends sending in your power source for calibration on an annual basis. This helps ensure the proper functioning of all components, as well as accurate output amperage of the unit.

If your equipment experiences any damage or problems, do NOT attempt to open the weld head or power supply for repairs. Orbital welders are complex systems that yield precise welds. Repairs conducted without the proper experience and knowledge or parts can often result in more damage to the orbital welding system.

Contact us to speak to someone about orbital welding repairs or calibration. 

Post by Morgan Industrial Technology
March 10, 2021